Performance Health announces that World Champion, World Cup Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist in alpine skiing, Lindsey Vonn, is now a brand ambassador for TheraBand resistance bands and recovery tools.

“I use TheraBand in pretty much everything I do with rehab and training,” says Vonn, in a media release from the Akron, Ohio-based manufacturer.

“If you walk into any physical Therapist’s office you find a million TheraBand products all over the place, and everyone uses them for a reason…because they work!”

“It’s just part of my routine now. Whether I’m coming back from injury or not, we use the products for maintenance, and not just recovery, but also for core and stability training or using muscles that you aren’t normally using when you do some of the heavier weighted exercises,” she adds.

For more information, visit TheraBand.

[Source(s): Performance Health