The National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) announces the launch of the Coalition for Spine Health. The coalition will initially bring together four of America’s leading spinal organizations to advance awareness and patient education. 

The Northern American Spine Association (NASS), The Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation and the Harms Study Group, and the Cervical Spine Research Society all join the National Spine Health Foundation in the launch of the Coalition.

“We’re thrilled that the Coalition for Spine Health will unify the top minds in spinal health to deliver best in class patient education,” said Dr. Rita Roy, CEO of the National Spine Health Foundation. “By providing innovative learning opportunities for patients, the Coalition can improve the well-being of millions of Americans.”

The Coalition’s member organizations will work to share research findings, advance groundbreaking patient treatment methods, highlight leaders in the spine health field, create innovative learning opportunities for patients nationwide, and advocate for access to quality care. 

“I’ve seen first-hand how patient education can transform outcomes, especially when we consider the complex procedures and long recovery times that spine patients often face,” said Dr. Larry Lenke, internationally recognized spine surgeon and Surgeon-in-Chief at The Och Spine Hospital, Columbia New York-Presbyterian. “It’s wonderful to see top spine organizations unite with a common goal of helping patients.”

About the National Spine Health Foundation

The National Spine Health Foundation is a patient-centered non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who struggle with spinal conditions through education, advocacy and research. The NSHF helps Americans avoid and alleviate neck and back pain by educating consumers on practical ways to lead a spine-safe lifestyle; researching and amplifying life-saving treatments and surgeries; and advocating for changes that would improve the state of spine health in America. The NSHF is home to a Medical & Scientific Board that includes 50 leading experts in spine who contribute to Spine-Talks, as well as the “Get Back to It” podcast, which shares real stories of healing and recovery from individuals who have overcome neck and back pain.

[Source(s): National Spine Health Foundation, PR Newswire]