Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc launches Don’t Let Pain Gain on You, a multimedia campaign to inform and empower people who have delayed joint replacement surgery to have a conversation with their healthcare professional about confidently moving forward with their procedure.

The campaign is informed by the results of a new US survey that reveals nearly half (48%) of joint replacement surgery candidates have postponed treatment due to fears stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Zimmer Biomet in a media release.

“We understand why the pandemic has created uncertainty around elective procedures like joint replacement surgery, but we also know that for some people coping with chronic debilitating joint pain, postponing a necessary procedure could have a significant impact on quality of life and continue to cause life-altering pain and loss of mobility.

“With this new campaign, we look to encourage people to have a proactive conversation with their doctor about joint replacement surgery and get the support and care they need to address their pain, safely and with confidence.”

— Ivan Tornos, Group President for Global Businesses and the Americas at Zimmer Biomet

Survey Reveals Surprising Findings

The US survey of 1,200 joint replacement patients, candidates and caregivers, conducted in August and September 2020 by Wakefield Research on behalf of Zimmer Biomet, revealed that the vast majority (82%) of people who did undergo joint replacement surgery during the pandemic said that they felt safe doing so, and 64% said they did not feel at risk for contracting a virus, such as COVID-19, at the site of their surgery.

However, among those who have postponed their joint replacement procedure, the survey also shed light on the duration, rationale and implications of those delays:

  • 53% of those surveyed have been waiting more than a year to address their joint pain with joint replacement surgery
  • Of those who have been waiting more than a year, nearly 2 in 3 (61%) people did so specifically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Those who have postponed their joint replacement surgery due to COVID-19 report increases in joint pain (71%), limitations to mobility (58%) and trouble sleeping (35%).
  • 56% of caregivers wished their loved one would move forward with surgery more quickly even during the pandemic in order to relieve their physical pain and lessen the negative impact on quality of life.

The survey also highlighted a significant lack of awareness about digital options for care management, finding that 83% of people who have postponed their joint replacement surgery said they were not aware of virtual solutions to support post-operative recovery, prior to their surgery being cancelled due to the pandemic. 

“Addressing chronic, debilitating joint pain through joint replacement surgery is not something to delay without an in-depth conversation with a surgeon, even during COVID-19. For my patients, I weigh the risks to long-term health and quality of life caused by delaying this surgery as part of the discussion.

“For extra peace of mind, you can ask your physician about surgical options that can minimize time spent in a hospital, and about virtual communications tools which allow you to communicate virtually with your surgeon through the journey pre- and post-surgery.”

— Trevor Pickering, MD, a hip and knee replacement specialist at the Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

Don’t Let Pain Gain on You underscores efforts that Zimmer Biomet, hospitals and outpatient surgical centers are undertaking to help patients to undergo necessary surgeries while limiting potential exposure to COVID-19, the release continues.

The campaign website features numerous information articles for those considering joint replacement surgery. It also features learning materials to help Joint replacement surgery candidates learn more about joint replacement during COVID-19, virtual technologies to minimize in-person follow up visits or rehabilitation, and tools to help them have an informed discussion with their doctor about whether joint replacement is the right option for them.

[Source(s): Zimmer Biomet, PR Newswire]

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