The SenMoCOR system, available from OPTP, Minneapolis, and developed by IAOM-US, is a cost-effective system that offers the user and clinician immediate visual feedback regarding sensory motor control. SenMoCOR, which stands for Sensory Motor Control-Oriented Rehabilitation, incorporates the SenMoCOR laser and two laser targets and aims to stimulate implicit learning. The laser can be positioned on the patient’s head, waist, or an extremity for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle control. Once in place, the user will be able to aim at the laser target and guide the dot using controlled body movements. The laser targets are designed to facilitate a multitude of exercises.

The system can be used in a range of clinical applications, including sensory motor control and controlled mobility exercise. SenMoCOR is available as a complete system or as individual components.

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[Source: OPTP]