A recent news release reports that together, the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) and Unify Health Services will work to develop what both companies classify as the “first” Comprehensive Functional Capacity Certification (FCC) for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and assistants.

Unify Health Services is a Florida-based national organization that brings together a team with more than 70 years’ experience collectively in disability and work injury management. ISPA is a leading credential service for professionals in sports.

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is comprised of a series of objective tests, set protocols with measurements, and clinical observations combined to determine an individual’s present physical ability. An FCE is intended to provide healthcare providers’ and partners’ parameters that outline each individual’s present physical demand tolerances, motion, strength, and endurance.

Kelly Ingram Mitchell, MPT, president, Unify Health Services, states in the release, “Unify Health Services experts have spent the past 20 years understanding the utilization of this assessment tool, identifying the present flaws, and creating a product and training certification to heighten the standards and enhance the quality, validity, and consistency in functional capacity testing and reporting.”

According to the release, currently, an FCE certification is not a requirement to perform Functional Capacity Evaluation testing, and there is no industry standardization. Additionally, the release says, some states may not outline the professionals who are best suited to perform this type of test, leaving room for error.

Ingram Mitchell adds, “This Certification Program provides a cost- and time-efficient method for a clinician to learn the skills necessary to become an experienced FCE evaluator. We are pleased to partner with the ISPA team, as they provide professional expertise and the highest level of standards and ethics in their field as a certifying entity.”

John Mayer, MD, president, ISPA, echoes Mitchell’s sentiment, adding, “It’s an honor to partner with Unify Health Services and bring this needed comprehensive training and certification to the rehabilitation professionals.”

[Source(s): ISPA, Unify Health Services]