California Youth Football Alliance (CAYFA), a nonprofit dedicated to improving safety in youth football, announces a partnership with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in global education innovation, to educate young athletes, parents, coaches, and the general public about concussions.
CrashCourse was designed to provide youth and high school-level athletes with the latest concussion education. World-leaders in education, engineering and medical research, in addition to top coaches and student-athletes, worked together over 2 years to design a completely innovative and immersive experience in both HD and Virtual Reality. The mission of those involved is to shift the conversation around concussions away from fear and silence and towards knowledge and empowerment.

CAYFA has been working to advance the sport of football by equipping the football community with the policies, processes, and technology needed to keep athletes safe and healthy. As part of their online resources, CAYFA will offer the CrashCourse materials to their network of coaches, parents, youth and partner organizations. Together, TeachAids and California Youth Football will improve the health and safety of youth football, a media release from CAYFA and TeachAids explains.

“Improving the health and safety of our youth tackle football players is our mission. As such, we seek the very best in health and safety education for our communities. Our partnership with TeachAids enables us to deliver world-class training to parents, coaches, administrators, and referees.

“TeachAids content combined with our Alliance Management Platform puts the very best education in the hands of our supporters, thereby raising the duty of care for our players and enabling the benefits of youth tackle football to be experienced by anyone who chooses to play,” says Joe Rafter, president of the California Youth Football Alliance.

“Our partnership with California Youth Football Alliance provides us an exciting opportunity to educate parents, youth and coaches on concussions. We are delighted to join CAYFA in working to promote a safer environment in youth sport,” adds Dr Piya Sorcar, founder and CEO of TeachAids, in the release.

The CrashCourse interactive learning experience is now also also being instituted throughout CAYFA’s programs nationwide.

[Source(s): California Youth Football Alliance, TeachAids]