BetterPT and Clinicient Inc announce the creation and launch of an integrated solution that enables efficient, online scheduling requests from patients directly to PT practices, giving healthcare consumers a more convenient way to access and select physical therapy providers based on their needs.
By bringing together BetterPT’s inbound patient management (IPM) solution with Clinicient’s electronic medical records (EMR) for outpatient therapy, patients can now search for providers based on insurance requirements, location and availability, and directly request an appointment at any outpatient therapy location that interfaces with Clinicient.

The integration can also increase scheduling conversion rates, allowing for physical therapy providers to put their focus back on patients rather than scheduling, the companies note in a media release.

“We’re pleased to announce our partnership with an innovative platform like BetterPT as our customers continue to seek out new solutions to spread their reach and find new therapy clientele,” says T. Kent Rowe, chief executive officer, Clinicient.

“This strategic integration enables Clinicient to offer its customer base a trusted and reliable way to capture new patients. With the expanding consumerism of the healthcare market, we believe this will become even more important.”

Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT, shares that, “Physical therapy is an important and oftentimes overlooked part of clinical rehabilitation and preventive care, and with changes in legislation that allow self-referral, this partnership with Clinicient, as a reputable and leading EMR company, is more important than ever as we work to enable greater connectivity and engagement between patients and physical therapists.”

[Source(s): BetterPT, Clinicient, Business Wire]