After signing an agreement with sports wearable technology company i1 Biometrics, the University of Kansas football team is slated to wear the company’s Vector MouthGuard with ESP Chip Technology. The technology is intended to serve as an instrument of telemetry to measure the brain’s linear and rotational accelerations resulting from impacts experienced in practices and games in 2015.

According to an i1 Biometrics news release, the University of Kansas is the latest major NCAA football program to adopt the Vector MouthGuard and the Impact Intelligence System from i1 Biometrics.

Watch a video of the technology

Murphy Grant, Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Kansas, emphasizes in the release, “We’re excited about building a new relationship with i1 Biometrics, and we believe this technology will reinforce Kansas as an innovative institution that offers the latest technology to help with player safety and overall performance.”

Jesse Harper, CEO, i1 Biometrics, explains that the technology is engineered to leverage “a highly sensitive and accurate micro electronic technology to relay critical head impact information back to the sideline in real-time, reducing some of the guesswork for trainers and coaches. It is our hope that this technology is seen as a very positive move in the right direction for all who participate, coach or care for athletes in contact sports.”

[Source: i1 Biometrics]