Darwin Fogt, CEO of eWellness Healthcare Corporation, Culver City, Calif, announces the company has sold all of its Evolution Physical Therapy clinics in order to focus solely on the expansion of digital health.

eWellness provides the PHZIO platform for the physical therapy and telehealth markets.

“This new digital adoption will lower patient treatment costs, expand patient treatment access, and improve patient compliance. Our PHZIO platform allows patients and PTs to cut the cord from the old-school, wait in line, brick and mortar clinical experience to an immediate response digital, in-home PT experience,” he says, in a media release.

“A vast majority of PT evaluations and treatments can now be done on a patient’s smart phone in the privacy of their own home. Digital PT is clearly the next upgrade the industry needs to make,” he adds.

[Source(s): eWellness Healthcare Corporation, GlobeNewswire]