Trainer Rx, which offers personalized programs combining digital therapy and live coaching to help treat musculoskeletal conditions, announces its name change to RecoveryOne.

The change also coincides with a $12 million funding round led by Cigna Ventures. With the new name and capital, the company will strengthen its ability to reach a broader population suffering from MSK conditions, the company notes in a media release.

“Our new brand is a declaration of the goal we share with most healthcare innovators: to improve the cost, quality, and productivity associated with recovery from musculoskeletal conditions, and to do it in a way that puts the consumer in charge,” says RecoveryOne CEO Mark Luck Olson, in the release.

“RecoveryOne addresses not just the body, but also the mind through behavior change support,” says RecoveryOne Chief Product Officer Miriam Beecham. “By helping people find the resilience and motivation to recover and providing them with the proper education, RecoveryOne is creating a future without barriers, allowing recovery to be more effective for any area of the body suffering from a musculoskeletal condition.

“Our solution combines an easy-to-use app with remote recovery coaches that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device. This will drive greater adherence to recovery plans and ultimately produce faster, higher functioning results,” Beecham adds.

Healthcare organizations with a mission of fostering innovation have invested in RecoveryOne’s plan to roll out its capabilities to a broader audience, the release continues.

“RecoveryOne’s comprehensive solution aligns perfectly with our mission to be a catalyst for change,” says Tom Richards, global lead, strategy and business development at Cigna Ventures. “We want to be a driving force behind innovation that makes health care simpler, more affordable and more predictable. RecoveryOne not only shares that vision, but with our investment and support, now has the resources to impact wider populations.”

“As an early supporter of Trainer Rx, we saw strong potential for its evidence-based protocols to address a critical problem in delivering desired results,” states Robert Garber, a partner at 7wire Ventures. “We are greatly encouraged by how Mark Luck Olson and his team have developed the strategy to help millions of people through a best-in-class digital solution, while concurrently reducing healthcare costs.”

[Source: RecoveryOne]