TheraNow, a provider of telehealth rehabilitation and online physical therapy services, launches its new mobile app and web platform developed to help users obtain effective pain relief.

TheraNow is an all-in-one program focused on customized exercise-based therapy that features online rehabilitation sessions, home exercise programs, functional training, progress tracking and more. A broad network of trained health experts are available on the platform to provide personalized therapy and exercise plans for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain, sports injuries or joint pain.

“The pandemic has exposed the flaws in our existing system to effectively treat patients in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. TheraNow uses the convenience of telehealth technology to bring experts in the field of musculoskeletal disorders, pain management and rehabilitation directly to the patient. It’s a new paradigm in healthcare, and one that has been proven out through our work with institutional clients and partners.”

— Dr. Ashok Gupta, Chief Operating Officer for TheraNow

For more information, visit TheraNow.

[Source(s): TheraNow, PR Newswire]

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