Therainc Inc introduces TheraNow, a telemedicine service available either online or via a downloadable app that is designed to enable patients to book appointments for one-on-one consultations with physical therapists.

TheraNow enables patients to make two-way video calls, send secure messages, and upload documents. All the information is HIPAA-compliant. Clinicians can also pre-screen and review the patients’ medical records.

During the consultation, the patient and therapist can then determine a treatment plan.

Moving forward, users pay for their appointments when they book them online, according to a news story from Mobi Health News.

“Thousands of working individuals in the United States get injured at work, causing a huge loss in their earning and a poor quality of life,” says Richa Kohli, cofounder and CEO of Therainc, in the news story. “It becomes challenging to keep up with the wait time, medical expenses, and the visits to the therapist’s office.

“With TheraNow’s tele-rehabilitation system, physical therapy treatments are just a click away irrespective of your location, at the desired time, even after work hours or weekends, and all this may cost you even less than your insurance.”

[Source: Mobi Health News]