A new technology leverages tiny computers and sensory stickers designed to be installed to make “any shoe a smart shoe.” It is being developed to capture body movement from the ground up.

The Boogio app is engineered to deliver precision data and is currently being experimented with fitness and training, mobile games, and virtual reality, according to an informational video on the Boogio website homepage. In the video, Jose Torres, co-founder and CEO, REFLX Labs, adds that the company is opening up the platform to developers to program new possibilities.

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Torres also notes in the video that the company has leveraged Boogio to assist its partners at Florida Hospital.

At the hospital’s living laboratory campus Celebration Health, Ashley Simmons, director of Innovation Development, explains that the organization has an opportunity to “look outside the walls” when it comes to pediatric rehabilitation.

Simmons explains that compliance can be a challenge, in terms of patients making scheduled appointments, particularly now that families are busier than ever. Simmons goes on to designate it as a good opportunity to collect data when patients are not at the facility, with a wearable device such as the Boogio at home, but also when patients are at the facility, to determine how care can be personalized with the information collected.

Nate Shortsleeve, chief engineer, REFLX Labs, explains that in relation to the technology, the ARTIK platform serves as a democratizing tool, allowing for innovation on hardware, as well as software.

Torres adds that the company will be partnering with Samsung on the new ARTIK platform to enable the company to take the technology “to the next level.” He also goes on to spotlight the Boogio Generation 5, which is built to be faster, smaller, and more optimized.

For more information, visit www.boogio.com

[Source: Boogio]