An upcoming workshop presented by Summit Professional Education will discuss stroke recovery techniques and therapies to rewire the brain after a stroke. The workshop, which will be presented by clinician and researcher Peter Levine, is designed to provide attendees information on the leading-edge treatment options for stroke. The treatment options to be examined include the reimbursable and research-driven recovery program Modified Constraint-Induced Therapy (mCIT), which is an evidence-based strategy aimed at improving function and performance.

The online course description from Summit Professional Education notes that the latest research findings will be discussed and attendees will also learn how “massed practice” is an essential component of the adequately vigorous neuroplastic change, which can drive successful patient outcomes. Participants in the live workshop should be able to return to practice and identify appropriate candidates and structure the massing of practice at home or otherwise away from the clinical setting.

The event will also examine new and emerging technological advances that may change stroke rehabilitation in addition to tools to re-establish sensation and proprioception. Strategies to reduce spasticity by restoring executive control by the brain over spastic muscles will also be discussed in the educational workshop. Workshop attendees will also learn free and simple ways to access stroke-specific, research-based evidence online.

A number of workshops are available in March and April in different cities and states, including Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. For additional event information and course objectives, visit

[Source: Summit Professional Education]