iGetBetter, Inc, a supplier of post-acute care transition solutions, has announced the addition of the Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Care Plan template to its online library of care plan templates. According to a Business Wire news report, the TKR Care Plan template is used with the iGetBetter cloud-based platform for the rapid deployment of a care transition solution. The template is focused on post-surgery treatments bridging the transition of care from hospital to home that engages the patient in their own care, improving outcomes and helping reduce readmissions.

David Lebudzinski, MD, explains, “We have been working closely with an orthopedic clinical team at a Boston-area teaching hospital to create a TKR care plan template that will help patients and their caregivers shorten the time from surgery to full recovery, and to improve outcomes.” Lebudzinski adds, “In a pilot with their knee replacement patients , this orthopedic team will use the iGetBetter TKR Care Plan template and edit and customize for each patient with the goal of helping them recover quickly and reduce readmissions.”

According to the Business Wire news report, the TKR Care Plan template can be edited and customized for each patient. The new template has the following elements: reminders; patient advice; video exercises; patient input; and clinician alerts and action. Other library of care plan templates from iGetBetter include: rotator cuff surgery; ACL reconstruction surgery; hypertension; congestive heart failure; acute coronary syndrome; and coronary artery bypass graft.

Source: Business Wire