PeerWell, a remote musculoskeletal recovery platform for injured workers, announces a new partnership with insurer Coventry Healthcare (recently acquired by Mitchell | Genex), to offer custom care solutions to injured workers facing musculoskeletal surgery.

Via the partnership, the information captured with remote patient monitoring is leveraged to customize individual care plans in real-time. Frontline case management teams can verify patient engagement, tailor treatment, and build a strong continuity of care between the patient and all involved stakeholders, according to a media release from PeerWell.

Help Enable Optimal Outcomes

“We believe that an injured worker’s engagement in their recovery and return-to-work is essential to optimal outcomes. PeerWell is another instrument in our clinical toolbox that will improve engagement. Our Surgical Nurse Liaisons as well as our Case Management teams will have access to the PeerWell platform when surgery is recommended for an injured worker.”

— Tammy Bradly, Vice President of Clinical Product Development at Coventry

“In partnership with Coventry, we’re able to connect the injured worker’s remote care team through system to system technical integration to deliver highly customized care back to the injured worker. Engaging the patient and measuring their progress offers an incredible opportunity for the patient to define the care they receive. Musculoskeletal recovery isn’t one size fits all.”

— Manish Shah, CEO of PeerWell

Features in PeerWell’s digital PreHab and ReHab platform are designed to guide injured workers through a complete recovery centered around physical therapy, life management, nutrition, pain and wellness, and health literacy.

“We’re very aware that recovery is driven by more than just the healthcare one receives. Social determinants of health also impact recovery and return-to-work, and PeerWell addresses several social determinants including nutrition, environmental factors, and education about their upcoming surgery.

“We are excited to work with PeerWell in effectively managing surgical episodes of care to better prepare the injured worker for surgery and improve recovery and return-to-work post-surgery.”

— Tammy Bradly

[Source(s): PeerWell, PR Newswire]

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