Neuro Rehab VR announces its XR Therapy System, a clinically validated and FDA registered VR therapy system for neurological rehabilitation and physical therapy treatment and assessment in clinical environments.

The new virtual reality system is designed to help increase provider efficiencies and enhance the patient experience while expediting recovery through fun and engaging virtual reality exercises, according to the company in a media release.

“We are excited to release our portable VR product that helps patients work on functional rehabilitation right from their bedside to anywhere in the clinic.

“We can reach patients in critical need of rehabilitation with an engaging, easy to use system to accelerate the recovery process. With every minute spent in our virtual beach or serene meadows working on fun and engaging rehab exercises, patients are that much closer to reaching their therapy goals.”

— Veena Somareddy, Co-founder and CEO at Neuro Rehab VR

Immerse Patients Into Therapy

The XR Therapy System offers immersive games and activities of daily living that therapists can customize and adapt to each patient’s specific needs, ability, and targeted therapy plan. In addition, the system’s proprietary Data Analytics Portal allows therapists to measure, track, and quantify patient progress.

Additional features:

  • Comprehensive, turn-key system for seamless workflow integration.
  • Easy-to-use VR platform with a companion tablet to control and guide the patient experience.
  • Data analytics to track and quantify progress.

[Source(s): Neuro Rehab VR, PR Newswire]

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