Kins, a patient-centered physical therapy practice, announces its public launch.

Providing a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care, Kins blends personal connection, quality care, and modern convenience. This approach creates an individualized recovery plan, focused on successful rehabilitation and completion of the patient’s physical therapy regimen, a media release from Kins explains.

“Kins is thrilled to bring a uniquely convenient option to patients in need of physical recovery. Putting the patient’s preferences first — whether that means conducting a session in their living room or after hours via telehealth — places them in the driver’s seat of their own care, greatly increasing the likelihood that they’ll complete their full course of care and get back to their active life.”

— Dan Smith, CEO, Kins

Kins was founded by Smith and co-founders Nikki Case and Srishti Kedia in partnership with Redesign Health, an idea-to-launch platform delivering transformational healthcare solutions.

“This past year demonstrated the necessity for virtual care options and their efficiency across medical fields. However, we noticed these telehealth solutions were missing a personal connection component between patient and service providers.

“Numerous studies and our own research have documented that the strategic combination of virtual and in-person sessions are undeniably effective in not only treating musculoskeletal conditions, but in maintaining the patient’s adherence to the full recovery program through that 1:1 connection.”

— Dr. Nadine Booysen, Chief Clinical Officer at Kins

Begins with an Assessment

The Kins experience begins with an initial digital assessment that helps to match patients with a physical therapist. Patients have access to a large community of practitioners working on the Kins platform, ensuring that they are matched with a therapist that best meets their specific health needs. Once matched, the physician and patient collaborate to determine how the care plan will roll out, starting with an in-person evaluation, and identifying the appropriate combination of in-person and virtual sessions to maximize results.

Kins is now accepting patients in the New York City area and has plans to expand into additional major markets across the US. Kins provides treatment for all major musculoskeletal issues and accepts all major insurance coverage as well as Medicare.

[Source(s): Kins, PR Newswire]