Musculoskeletal recovery platform PeerWell has partnered with CorVel Corporation, a provider of comprehensive risk management, to provide remote care to injured workers unable to receive surgery due to COVID-19.

With the inability to access in-person physical therapy and healthcare appointments, PeerWell is an extension of the healthcare provider and frontline case management, offering supplemental support and guidance to patients. PeerWell’s musculoskeletal recovery platform is accessible to the injured worker anywhere, anytime and engages each patient from the safety of their home.

“We’re excited about the partnership with CorVel, a true trailblazer within workers’ compensation. A delayed surgery offers a larger window for patients to lower their risk, steer their surgery outcome, and build a foundation for a faster recovery. PeerWell and CorVel’s new remote care offering makes this possible,” says PeerWell CEO, Manish Shah, in a media release from PeerWell.

“CorVel case management is designed to combine personal attention, professional expertise and innovative technology. It was a natural progression to partner with PeerWell to deliver a meaningful solution to delayed surgery caused by COVID-19,” states CorVel Director of Case Management, Karen Thomas. “The PeerWell platform offers our case managers a powerful tool to drive improved surgical outcomes and recovery for our injured workers” Thomas continues. 

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PeerWell’s daily remote care programs guide injured workers’ with musculoskeletal conditions, injury, and chronic pain, through a complete recovery using devices they already own. PeerWell is a patient-centered, digital platform developed to address the whole patient and full musculoskeletal journey—from pain management or surgery avoidance to surgery optimization and guided recovery.

“This crisis has brought telehealth and virtual care to the forefront in changing the way workers’ compensation claims are managed. By providing proactive case management tools and support, CorVel’s case managers can continue to promote injured worker safety and recovery while assisting employers to achieve optimal workforce health and productivity,” Thomas adds.

In partnership, CorVel and PeerWell will activate injured workers with daily lessons that address the injured worker’s wide range of recovery needs, including physical therapy, life management, nutrition, pain and wellness, and health literacy, per the release.

[Source(s): PeerWell, PR Newswire]