Health-focused SaaS platform 180 MSK Systems has released an update with motion tracking capabilities that will help analyze and guide patients’ movements in their prescribed home exercise protocols.

180 MSK Systems enables clinics to provide patients with better care by delivering a platform that complements in-clinic treatment with end-to-end virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) programs, integrating in-person care with virtual physical therapy and wellness.

The update infuses 180 MSK Systems’ unique platform with cutting-edge computer vision and AI technology, developed by Kemtai, to strengthen its care delivery offering. The latest version of the platform provides patients with real-time feedback and form correction as they exercise, without the use of wearable sensors—an enhanced, interactive, and best-in-class experience that can improve exercise performance and form, drive better adherence, and lead to better clinical outcomes.

“Integrating Kemtai’s technology into our platform brings a long-awaited solution to the MSK field, and sets us apart with a unique offering for the clinics we serve and their patients,” said Nicholas J. Edwards, Chief Innovation Officer at 180 MSK Systems.

Low adherence to physical therapy programs contributes to overall healthcare spending and related costs in the United States. While wearable sensors can be beneficial for virtual MSK care, they can introduce unnecessary challenges, including low adoption rates that can affect adherence and increase costs because of added equipment. In addition, they can present technical issues such as incorrect placement of devices or loss of Bluetooth connectivity.

Harnessing the proprietary computer vision and AI technology developed by Kemtai, 180 MSK Systems instead uses the built-in camera of a patient’s smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet to accurately identify and reliably track dozens of data points on their body, while providing visual and audio guidance to help patients correctly perform their exercises.

“180 MSK is clearly at the forefront of the growing digital MSK market. Their unique approach to digitally empowering physiotherapy clinics will improve the health and wellness of thousands suffering from MSK conditions and we are proud that 180 MSK has integrated our technology platform into their offering,” said Mike Telem, Chief Business Officer at Kemtai.

Associated absenteeism and productivity losses due to MSK conditions resulted in an annual cost of approximately $600 billion in 2008. 180 MSK Systems’ interactive experience, now with Kemtai, can help increase MSK treatment program engagement and adherence, one of the key drivers to better recovery, health outcomes, and overall healthcare costs.

[Source(s): 180 MSK Systems, PR Newswire]