In a recent news release, North American Seminars introduced a new online continuing education course centered on postsurgical evaluation and treatment of the cervical and lumbar spine.

According to the release, in the course Carol McFarland, PT, PhD, OCS, discusses postoperative evaluation and treatment of spine patients with an emphasis on maximizing their surgical outcomes.

McFarland outlines postoperative spinal evaluations, pinpoints standardized outcomes tools, how to perform postoperative spine evaluation for various stages of postoperative progression, and more.

The online course is designed to accommodate therapists treating the postoperative spine.

Specifically, the release says, course participants will develop an understanding of the fundamental components of postop spinal evaluation; the ability to identify the standardized outcomes tools that can be utilized to track and compare outcomes; perform a postoperative spinal evaluation utilizing certain techniques for the varying stages of postop progression; and identify specific tests to utilize during a neurological exam.

Additionally, participants will learn to define the four functional loss characteristics; teach a patient to activate specific muscles for segmental stabilization in the lumbar spine; perform appropriate manual therapy and exercises techniques for a variety of post op spine diagnoses; and develop a progressive program for the cervical and lumbar spine to decrease pain, improve strength, stability, and function outcomes.

The release adds the California, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts approved physical therapy online education course can be purchased through the North American Seminars website and provides up to 12 hours of CME credit.

[Source: North American Seminars]