Summit Professional Education offers a course designed to explore “Essential Manual Therapy and Self-Care Techniques.”

The course is slated to be held in Toms River, NJ, August 8.

The course is intended to allow attendees to immediately apply manual therapy concepts and techniques to significantly reduce pain and increase function in patients. It also aims to help attendees assess and treat to eliminate somatic dysfunction in the five most common areas of the body.

According to the Summit Professional Education website, the workshop features easy-to-apply techniques for the beginner, or the most experienced therapist and trainer. Hands-on labs combine manual therapy with self care exercises and strategies to maximize outcomes. Evidence-based strategies are used to provide patients with the highest level of care and competence.

Ultimately, the workshop aims to help participants develop new manual therapy skills and new self care techniques, and create new strategic programs combining manual therapy with self care strategies for the most commonly injured and painful areas to treat a broad range of patient pathologies. The site notes that documentation and reimbursement will also be addressed to ensure participants are able to accurately show functional improvement using the techniques learned in this course.

Learning objectives for the course include pinpointing the most common dysfunctions throughout the body requiring specific manual therapies, demonstrating knowledge of various concepts of manual therapy to competently address different muscle states and joint dysfunctions, and implementing evidence based techniques and concepts for safe and effective outcomes.

Additional objectives listed include demonstrating how to employ self care strategies as they relate to manual therapy findings and treatments, developing an intuitive touch with all manual skills, and distinguishing proper uses of manual therapy and its risks and benefits.

[Source: Summit Professional Education]