An Android mobile operating system version of Hocoma Inc’s Valdeo App is now available for free download on Google Play.

A news release issued by Hocomoa notes that the Valedo is a wearable medical device for the low back, designed to blend physical sensors with sophisticated, intuitive software to motivate and guide users through interactive exercises.

Frank Menzler, executive vice president, Hocoma Inc, articulates the company’s excitement in the launch of the Android App and the company’s ability to now reach nearly all tablet and smartphone users.

“Based on technology used in professional rehabilitation and physical therapy settings, Valdeo puts the power of back health into the hands of consumers. With the launch of our new Android App, this cutting-edge new tool is available to motivate even more users to get moving,” Menzler says in the release.

The release notes that Valdeo is designed with movement science and physiotherapy in mind. It is built to transform biomechanical exercises created by physical therapy professionals into fun, interactive games on a user’s mobile device. The device’s sensors are engineered to detect and respond to micro movements, in order to ensure each exercise is customized to the user and executed correctly.

The games are intended to guide users through a complete series of movements that take place in virtual “worlds” and are designed, over time, to improve movement awareness for increased stability and balance, restore motion to vertebral joints, and redevelop deep muscles for enhanced strength. The Valedo offers 17 movements incorporated into 45 therapeutic and medically beneficial exercises that can be done at home or on the go.

[Source(s): Business Wire, Hocoma Inc]