The Osteoporosis Club led by the New York State Osteoporosis Prevention Education Program (NYSOPEP) at Helen Hayes Hospital will present a special discussion on “Cognition” during the support group’s monthly meeting on Thursday, February 22, at 10 am.

Guest speaker and Helen Hayes Hospital speech language pathologist Lisa Modell, MS/CCC-SLP, will examine the link between cognition and fall risk, as well as present options for improving cognitive function with the goal of reducing the incidence of fall injuries, notes a media release from Helen Hayes Hospital.

During the discussion, Osteoporosis Club attendees will learn the role that healthy cognition plays in preventing falls and how therapists—including physical, occupational, and speech language therapists—work together to diagnose and treat cognitive impairment.

Drawing on her expertise in speech language pathology in a physical rehabilitation setting, Modell will also discuss a variety of methods that are used to treat cognitive impairment and how those treatments can help reduce the risk of falls when used as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, the release continues.

[Source: Helen Hayes Hospital]