The newly launched Optima RCS-1 Resource Center is described by the company as a go-to destination for information about the proposed payment rule for skilled nursing facilities, and is designed to help therapy providers understand and successfully plan for RCS-1.

“RCS-1 is not just a revision of the current Resource Utilization Group (RUG) system, it’s a complete overhaul of the reimbursement model that has applied to SNFs since 1998,” says Josh Pickus, CEO of Optima Healthcare Solutions, in a media release.

“As it’s currently written, therapy providers will have to make significant changes to how they deliver services if they want to maintain healthy businesses. Our RCS-1 Resource Center will help them prepare with the information they need to support a successful transition.”

The Optima RCS-1 Resource Center currently includes the following materials: a white paper—“Surviving RCS-1: New Medicare Payment Model Coming. Are You Ready?”; RCS-1 FAQ—Strategies for Success; Webinar—Understanding SNF PPS Proposed Payment Reform; Insights from Optima CEO Josh Pickus; and Infographic: RCS-1.

Optima will continue to update the resource center as more details about RCS-1 become available, per the release.

[Source: Optima Healthcare Solutions]