Raintree Systems, Temecula, Calif, announces the integration of MedBridge’s Educational Ecosystem into its TherapyRehab Plus (Adult PT, OT, and Speech) and PediatricTherapy Plus (PT, OT, Speech, and Audiology) practice-management software.

MedBridge provides online continuing education courses, home exercise programming, patient education, and outcomes tracking.

According to a media release from Raintree Systems, this partnership allows providers to seamlessly move between the electronic medical record in Raintree and all of the features available through the MedBridge online platform.

“By integrating our two platforms, we are giving providers and patients the resources to work together in the patient’s recovery and treatment,” states Terrence Sims, Raintree President & COO, in the release.

“In this new era, interoperability is a requirement for leading technology companies. We are pleased to be collaborating with industry leaders such as Raintree Systems,” says Justin Kowalchuk, MedBridge founder and CEO, in the release.

[Source(s): Raintree Systems, PR Newswire]