Orfit Industries America, a North American subsidiary of Orfit Industries, has launched Orficast, a new moldable thermoplastic for finger splints, thumb splints, and supportive bandage wraps. Orficast is made of stretchable, self-adhesive textile knitted from thermoplastic fibers, and the material can be easily stretched in two directions around a joint to create a fitted circular splint or cast. With its thermoplastic memory, the material can be unwrapped and the splint can be re-shaped, allowing the same material to be reused throughout treatment. Orficast comes in both blue and black colors and in two widths: 3 cm for finger and toe injuries, and 6 cm for thumb injuries. This product is ideal for serial casting and small orthotic applications, and also provides ventilation for wound care treatment.

For additional product information, visit www.orfit.com.

[Source: Orfit Industries America]