DonJoy, part of the DJO Global family of brands, launches the OA Reaction TriFit Web Knee Brace, a three-dimensional brace designed to help provide pain relief for people with osteoarthritis.

According to a company news release, the brace features three technologies that work together to help wearers move freely without pain: Web Tech, a shock absorber that assists with full knee extension and patellofemoral tracking; Exos Tech, which provides a heat thermoformable custom fit around the knee; and Boa Tech, which uses a micro tension adjustment system that provides protection.

“With the onset of knee pain, people tend to reduce their activity levels when the most important thing they can do to slow the progression of the disease is to remain active. Fortunately, the advanced low-profile comfort of TriFit provides a solution that aids in pain relief and helps keep patients moving,” says Steve Ingel, president of Bracing & Supports at Vista, Calif-based DJO Global, in the release.

[Source(s): DJO Global, Business Wire]