SmartSquat introduces the new SmartSquat fitness board, which is designed to help users maintain proper form while performing squats and other free weight exercises.

The SmartSquat is engineered to help users avoid excessive knee loading and unnatural weight distribution, which occurs with improper form and has been linked to specific types of back, hip, and knee pain.

It features a special mechanism, known as the “tipping beam,” that offers physical cues that guide users to properly load their hips and distribute their weight evenly through their feet.

“Using proper body mechanics while performing squats and other free weight exercises is critical both to achieving optimal muscular development and reducing training-related injuries,” says Mike Begin, who conceived and designed the SmartSquat along with Armando Aversa.

“The SmartSquat utilizes biofeedback to promote optimal hip hinge technique and help individuals achieve appropriate weight distribution while maintaining an active core,” he adds, in a media release from SmartSquat, by Proven Fitness Solutions LLC, Delray Beach, Fla.

“Finally, the fitness community has a tool that will help people literally ‘feel’ when their squat form is off and enable them to self-correct,” notes SmartSquat co-founder, Bob Morton, in the release. “We’ve had everyone from individuals undergoing physical therapy to experienced personal trainers to world-class athletes tell us that the SmartSquat has fundamentally changed how they approach their fitness routine.”

For more information, including pricing and how to order, visit SmartSquat.

[Source(s): SmartSquat, Business Wire]