Highmark Interactive, Toronto, launches EQ – Active Brain Tracking, a mobile application to test and track a variety of neurological functions affected by a number of conditions, including concussion.

EQ features interactive mobile games that athletes, parents, and coaches can use to assess neurological performance when an athlete is healthy as a baseline against a “point of collision” test following a worrisome hit, fall, or collision, according to the company.

“By using technology, a smartphone, and fun games, we can understand a person’s healthy state. Then if there is a collision on the field, ice, or at the playground, the same device can be used to run a ‘point of collision’ test. This test can be used to determine if there has been significant variance from an athlete’s healthy results, which allows for data-driven decisions and limits the need to guess if someone is OK,” says Dr Sanjeev Sharma, executive chairman and co-founder of Highmark Interactive, in a news release.

EQ is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

[Source(s): Highmark Interactive, PR Newswire]