The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute (PTW) is once again participating in the #ChoosePT campaign to help spread the message that physical therapy is a safe, non-addictive, and in some cases less expensive option than opioids to help manage pain.

One way that PTW plans to spread this message is to deliver hundreds of promotional pill bottles filled with opioid epidemic facts to local physicians and community leaders in hopes that, in lieu of narcotics, they might consider alternative pain management solutions.

“The sad fact is that opioid-addicted patients are chasing the high from the first pill that they take,” says Robert Babb, president and founder of PTW, in a media release.

“In replacement of pills, we place in candy M&Ms. You can’t just have one M&M! These candies represent similar feelings to potential addicts that will chase the high of an opioid like we do candy. It leads to great discussions to our medical and work communities about safer and more holistic alternatives.”

This year, PTW, teams with PBS to distribute Deterra Drug Deactivation bags to patients and community members. As a safe way to deactivate old medications, their potential harms can be removed by keeping them out reach for those not prescribed, with disposal at no harm to the environment.

In addition, PTW hosts a public event on Thursday, October 18, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at PTW Harleysville in Salford Square. The event, a collaborative effort from PTW, Dr Jay Mergaman of Delaware Valley Pain & Spine, and Kimberly Smith Niezgoda of Acupuncture Place, aims to help educate the public on safe strategies to manage pain. Key topics will include physical therapy, acupuncture, and medical marijuana.

“October is National Physical Therapy Month, so it makes sense to address this issue affecting all of our communities, families, and friends,” Babb continues, in the release.

“Physical therapy is one solution, but it’s an important solution along with many other holistic and safe measures. Trade in your addictive pain medications for a good dose of physical therapy or other holistic treatments. We think the side effects are better.”

[Source: The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute]