LEOMO Inc introduces TYPE-R, a portable wearable device designed to help competitive cyclists, triathletes, and their coaches collect real-time motion analysis data outside of a lab or training facility.

The device features a handlebar or wrist-mounted touchscreen head unit, and includes features like GPS tracking, as well as ANT+ connectivity for additional measurement of power, power balance, cadence, and heart rate.

In addition, the TYPE-R features five rechargeable Bluetooth sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer to accurately measure a wearer’s motion and form.

The sensors are worn on each shoe, above each knee, and above the sacrum, and measure information such as Dead Spot Scores, Foot Angular Range, Leg Angular Range, and Pelvic Tilt, notes a media release from San Diego-based LEOMO Inc.

When synced to a Wi-Fi network, the data captured can then be uploaded to the cloud and analyzed via a web browser.

“Competitive athletes want to use their bodies better – and we want to help them,” says Kunihiko Kaji, CEO and co-founder of LEOMO, in the release. “For the first time, the TYPE-R will bring the power of motion analysis out of the lab and into their world, filling a void that’s currently missing in their arsenal.”

Kaji adds that the technology will not be limited to just competitive cyclists.

“We have also set our sights firmly on running and swimming in the near future,” he states.

[Source(s): LEOMO Inc, PR Newswire]