CoachCare, a New York-based digital healthcare startup, launches into the pain management market during the PAINWeek National Conference, held in Las Vegas.

The digital healthcare solution is engineered to help pain management practitioners to gain 24/7 insights into their patients’ lives outside of the clinic.

It features a custom-branded patient mobile app, clinical dashboard, and connected proprietary trackers and scales to help monitor a patient’s unique protocol and progress, according to a media release from CoachCare.

Its benefits include the ability to monitor personalized patient programs in real time, including 3D pain tracking, pain levels and trends, weight fluctuations, nutrition, sleep habits, and more. In addition, physicians and patients can stay connected and engaged throughout their programs, and physicians can intervene when needed to offer encouragement or changes to patient programs.

“Pain and health go hand in hand,” says CoachCare CEO Andrew Zengilowski, in the release. “By monitoring a patient’s lifestyle habits when they are away from the office, a physician can get a better grip on what is contributing to the patient’s chronic pain issues and also improve and customize their program to help alleviate that pain more quickly and for longer periods of time.”

Upcoming features to CoachCare include video conferencing and a content library, the release continues.

To download a free whitepaper about the digital healthcare solution, visit CoachCare.

[Source(s): CoachCare, PRWeb]