HomeCEUConnection.com, a provider of continuing education for physical therapists, has released seven new Seminar-on-Demand continuing education courses. According to a HomeCEUConnection.com news release, the new courses add to the providers catalog by offering over 28 hours of physical therapy continuing education courses. The seven online or mail order courses can be purchased through HomeCEUConnection.com or by telephone.

One of the new courses, “Differential Diagnosis for Musculoskeletal Assessment of the Spine,” aims to use the best evidence for performing spinal assessment techniques in various regions of the spine to differentiate possible musculoskeletal diagnosis from non-musculoskeletal diagnosis. “Applying the Evidence: Manual Therapy and Corrective Therapeutics of the Extremities” is another new course that covers common orthopedic conditions of the upper extremity and lower extremity.

“Differential Diagnosis for Musculoskeletal Assessment for the Lower Extremity” and “Differential Diagnosis for Musculoskeltal Assessment for the Upper Extremity” are two new courses designed to teach participants lower extremity assessment techniques and upper extremity assessment techniques to differentiate potential musculoskeletal diagnosis for the lower extremities and upper extremities, respectively.

Two additional new courses from HomeCEUConnection.com include: “Evidence Based Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy Interventions,” which is a study in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances that influence posture and movement, and “Geriatric Massage: Evidence Based Approach to Improve Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life,” which examines therapeutic massage and age-related changes in health and physiology.

Source: HomeCEUConnection.com