Step Fitness & Recreation Inc, Marietta, Ga, and Gin Miller Productions introduce the versatile KUSHH! platform.

The companies note in a media release that the mat could act as a platform for cardio, a bench for strength training, a jump-box for plyometrics, a bed for Pilates, and a mat for core and stretching.

The KUSSH! comprises two sections—a hard polyethylene base and a soft, 4-inch vinyl-covered top. The rigid frame with a firm yet unstable surface is designed to help users work on balance, coordination, and stabilization exercises.

Its dimensions are 44 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 7 inches high.

“The KUSHH! will accommodate a wide range of users ­ regardless of height, weight or fitness level,” notes Lyle Ray Irwin, owner of Step Fitness, in the release, adding, “It can be used in virtually every fitness and training environment.”

Gin Miller, who works closely with Step Fitness to direct education and programming for the KUSSH!, concurs, stating, “The KUSHH! provides a surface area that is unstable enough to increase energy expenditure and core engagement during almost any exercise, yet stable enough to perform compound movements and move quickly through integrated exercise sequences. It is a great tool for everyone from seniors to elite athletes.”

[Source(s): Gin Miller Productions, PR Newswire]