Aletha Health introduces the Hip Hook, a tool designed to help release tension in the iliacus muscle.

Holistic physical therapist Christine Koth, MPT, found that a tight iliacus muscle was an issue for nearly all of her patients, and most weren’t even aware of it. This discovery led her to develop this tool for patients to be able to release the iliacus muscle on their own, as effectively as hands-on physical therapy, a media release from Aletha Health — founded by Koth — notes.

“Health shouldn’t be hard. I’m dedicated to finding simpler solutions for people to live a pain-free life, every day.”

— Christine Koth, MPT

After publishing her recent book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core — The Key to Unresolved Pain, and bringing attention to the iliacus muscle, the Hip Hook was the next step in her quest to provide these simpler solutions.

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Lying on the Hip Hook just a few minutes a day can provide long-term pain relief to the lower back, hips, tailbone, knees, and feet. While the product was first developed with athletes in mind, it is made for anyone suffering from unresolved pain in their lower part of their body – especially in times of stress, per the release.

“People are stressed, it’s our current reality. Whether you’re an athlete, or simply spending more time sitting in makeshift home offices and virtual learning environments,  there’s a big need out there,  and we want to help.”

— Christine Koth, MPT

[Source(s): Aletha Health, PR Newswire]