The Hip Hook is designed to replicate the iliacus muscle release that a skilled physical therapist is trained to provide. The tension in the muscle could be resolved by lying upon the Hip Hook for 2 minutes per day, it is suggested in a media release.

“A tight iliacus is a missing link in recovery from back, tailbone, hip, and knee pain since it affects the alignment of the entire body,” says Christine Koth, MPT, a physical therapist who invented the Hip Hook.

Koth, who specializes in the hip area, wrote about the iliacus muscle in her book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core – The Key to Unresolved Pain. In the book, she notes the three major causes of a tight iliacus:

  • Too much sitting or driving
  • Overuse with activities like running, cycling, and kicking
  • Hyperflexibility, yoga, and dance 

When tension in the iliacus remains unchecked, it compresses the hip and twists the core, changing the mechanics of the pelvis, spine, and hip in a way that can contribute to pain all over the body, the release explains.

To view a video on how to use the Hip Hook, visit YouTube.

[Source(s): Hip Hook, PR Newswire]