The Serenity Roller by Dr. Massage Roller launches for direct to consumer purchase on Amazon and at The auto-roller, invented by an US Air Force Veteran/Division One Football player, offers self-rolling, auto-shiatsu massage. The ergonomic roller also includes heat and vibration to create an all-in-one at-home massage solution to help with muscle warm-up, recovery, and relaxation.

Serenity is designed to ease sore, tender and aching muscles and joints, to accelerate muscle recovery, to provide relaxation and self-myofascial release. The roller is packed with features that Founder and CEO Dishawn Harvey realized he and his teammates and colleagues needed in his time with the US Air Force and as a Division One Football Player for East Carolina University.

“During my time in active duty with the Air Force, my eyes were opened to the physical complications experienced by people in the field and post-deployment. As a walk-on wide receiver for East Carolina University Football I became further aware of the ongoing pain and injuries experienced by myself and my teammates,” Harvey said. “Meanwhile, I was studying Mechanical and Industrial Design Technology and knew there had to be a better way to receive muscle recovery and care at home. From there, I began to design my dream foam roller. I’m excited to introduce Serenity to the market.”

The Serenity Roller’s three main offerings, which can be used individually or in tandem, are:

Auto-Rolling: Serenity incorporates shiatsu massage automatically, which works tension and spasms out of muscles, relaxing the body and increasing blood flow. Conventional massage rollers force people to engage their muscles when using a roller. This prevents full relaxation and reduces the impact of using a roller. Serenity features 48 massage roller balls for deep tissue massage on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, quads, hamstrings and calves. When the auto-massage function is engaged, users can fully relax while it works out muscle knots.

Vibration: Vibration technology has become popular, thanks to its effectiveness in reducing soreness, increasing flexibility, and improving strength. Serenity has a powerful vibration motor with three frequencies of vibration. It uses quiet glide technology and a 24V brushless high-torque motor so that the working dB is just 35dB to 55dB.

Heat Therapy: Heat therapy has long been used by fitness professionals for warm-ups, pre-workouts, and post workouts to increase athleticism and catapult performance and recovery. The heat therapy function is provided by unidirectional carbon heating to ease muscle tension, ease stress, and promote blood circulation.

Serenity is fully hands-free and is portable, including a wall power adapter and a car charger, for self-massage in the home, office, car, or while traveling. It includes replaceable 6600 milliamp-hours (mAh) super rechargeable 3.7V batteries that will allow for 2 hours of continuous 3 function use or 4 hours single function use on a single charge.

“This fitness roller has been painstakingly designed to offer athletes, desk workers, or anyone who experiences muscle pain, the relief and benefits of massage,” said Harvey. “I can’t wait for people to experience Serenity.”

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