Njoie (pronounced “enjoy”) launches the MFLEX, a full-body deep tissue massage tool designed to help target hard-to-reach areas such as the psoas, glutes, back, and shoulders, and to aid the improvement of these often-constricted muscles with deep tissue and muscle release.

“The new MFLEX joins our popular NFORCE massage gun in our growing portfolio of products that meet the consumer where they are – whether on the field, at the home office, or in the gym.”

— Xin Hamilton, VP of Marketing, Njoie

MFLEX is a trigger point massage tool designed to provide deep relief for muscles, like the psoas muscle, that are often neglected but are vital for everyday basic functions like standing, walking upright, and managing weight distribution along the spine. With an adjustable base and interchangeable heads, the MFLEX loosens up these tight areas of the body with precision.

The MFLEX can also be used to provide relief to other stiff parts of the body – including the hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, back, calves, feet and other areas that need rehabilitation, according to the company in a media release.

Product Features

  • Custom fit and expandable system with an easily adjustable base that widens from 5.25 – 7.25 inches with the push of a button, tailoring to all physical shapes at various levels so they may find their own comfort width
  • Interchangeable heads for different intensities – beginners can start with the lower heads, while more advanced users can use the higher heads for deeper penetration
  • Non-slip base with rubber tabs located at the bottom of both sides of the device to prevent it from sliding on various surfaces.
  • Customer care and a 2-year warranty after purchase

For more information, visit Njoie.

[Source(s): Njoie, Business Wire]