Neofit Products, based in Melbourne, Australia, introduces the Neofit Roller, which is able to collapse to smaller than an iPhone, and expand to three times its size.

The roller, which weighs less than 2 pounds and is able to handle up to 350 pounds, features an interlocking EVA foam exterior designed to enable the roller to collapse to 4 inches and expand to 12 inches.

“While working in the professional sports industry, I used to spend around 6 months a year on the road without access to my foam roller, and watch as coaching staff had to lug around rollers for athletes,” says Seb Kipman founder of Neofit Products and designer of the Neofit Roller, in a media release.

“After thousands of hours of research, development, testing, and dozens of prototypes, we’ve come up with a revolutionary design so people can look after their bodies anywhere, anytime,” he adds.

The Neofit Roller is available now on Kickstarter, and full-scale production will begin in 2018, per the release.

[Source(s): Neofit Products, PRWeb]