Developed by a physical therapist based on the principles of cervical traction, the Neck Hammock is a portable and compact unit designed to help relieve neck pain from home, work, or anywhere.

Cervical traction, a common technique practiced by physical therapists, works by pulling on the head to reduce pain and discomfort.

After securing the Neck Hammock to a door, pole, or railing via one of two customizable straps, users then lie down and rest their head in the padded hammock, which is designed to mold to the contours of their head and facilitate relaxation and relief.

The Neck Hammock can be used two to three times a day for up to 15 minutes per session.

“As a registered physical therapist, I see neck pain on a daily basis. As an athlete and former football player, I am no stranger to it myself,” says Neck Hammock developer Dr Steve Sudell. “For the majority of my clients, and myself, cervical traction is the only treatment that provides relief.”

“Not only does cervical traction alleviate neck pain, it also minimizes tension headaches, enhances sleep quality, and improves posture and alignment,” he adds.

For more information and to obtain a Neck Hammock, visit Kickstarter.

[Source(s): Proper Propaganda, PRWeb]