Korebalance iVNG

Medical Fitness Solutions (MFS) adds an intuitive Videonystagmography (iVNG) system to its Korebalance offerings, designed to provide evidence-based diagnostic and treatment solutions to manage dizziness and reduce fall rates.

The iVNG system, a diagnostic tool for patients experiencing dizziness and vertigo-like symptoms, includes light, wearable goggles that house high-quality dual cameras. These cameras accurately track & record nystagmus (movement & dilations of pupils), capable of detecting up to 0.4º of movement. The software records and interprets results, differentiating between CNS vertigo or peripheral vertigo, and in peripheral vertigo cases, determines which side of the vestibular system, and what part, is affected and abnormal, according to the company.

Also available are 39 pre-set test templates are available, customizable tests, a 10-minute STAT test, and the AIB Test (American Institute of Balance). Reports reveal findings and Logic, but are also clinician customizable, and are immediately printable, and can be saved in PDF format. Features such as voice command, video professor and clinician-led webinars are available.

[Source: Medical Fitness Solutions]