Myoscience Inc announces the commercial launch of the iovera° Smart Tip 309, a significant addition to the iovera° system, according to the company.

The iovera° system treats the genicular (knee) nerves through a process called cryoneurolysis and provides immediate pain relief that can last up to 90 days in patients recovering from total knee arthroplasty (TKA) surgery, and those suffering from chronic knee pain. The Smart Tip 309 is designed to safely and effectively treat the superficial genicular nerves in a broader patient population, including those with a high body mass index (BMI).

The iovera° system’s family of Smart Tips delivers precise, controlled doses of cold to freeze peripheral nerves, producing an immediate and long-lasting nerve block.  The iovera° Smart Tip 309 includes longer needles, which produce larger cold zones, and allows for the treatment of superficial nerves in a broader patient population, the company notes, in a media release.

“Building upon our success to date, the Smart Tip 309 will allow us to offer long-lasting, drug-free pain relief to a broader group of patients suffering from perioperative or chronic knee pain,” says Timothy I. Still, president and CEO of Myoscience.

[Source(s): Myoscience Inc, Business Wire]