Breg Inc launches launches its next generation unloader knee brace for mild to severe osteoarthritis, the Breg Quantum OA, featuring dynamic unloading in a sleek and intuitive design.

Designed with dynamic pull unloading technology, the Quantum OA increasingly unloads in the last 30 degrees of extension during critical moments of pain. As patients flex their knee, the unloading force is released, sustaining all-day comfort.

In addition, the Quantum features ratchet buckle mechanisms, engineered to increase or decrease unloading to help patients manage their pain, explains a media release from Breg Inc.

“The dynamic unloading capability is impressive, and it’s a straightforward, simple-to-use brace. The brace is extremely light and it allows full range of motion for climbing and kneeling,” says Dr Mark Sherman of Staten Island Orthopedics and Sports Med, in the release.

For more information, visit Breg Inc.

[Source(s): Breg Inc, PR Newswire]