Breg Inc announces the launch of two new lines of spinal orthoses: Pinnacle and Ascend. The 15 new products, manufactured exclusively by Breg, are designed to elevate care for patients with spinal injuries, the company notes in a media release.

“This is a proud day for us as we take the next step in enhancing our manufactured goods portfolio. By creating our own spinal orthoses, we extend our world-class quality, service and distribution practices to even more orthopedic braces that help patients recover.”

— Breg’s President & CEO, Brad Lee

Spinal Care Elevation

With the new product introduction, Breg saw an opportunity to elevate spinal care by doing the following, per the release:

  • Making more comfortable braces that encourage patient compliance and promote healing.
  • Working with patients and clinical experts to source soft, breathable, antimicrobial textiles.
  • Incorporating form-fitting, molded components that address some of the common complaints patients have about traditional spinal orthoses.

“Breg’s legacy of innovation is deeply rooted in our commitment to patient experience. The most innovative products in healthcare put patient needs at the forefront of design, and that level of advancement is evident in every detail of our Pinnacle and Ascend products. For our customers, that ultimately means fewer patient complaints, stronger compliance and ideally better outcomes.”

— Geoff Siegel, Breg’s Chief Innovation Officer

With the addition of Pinnacle and Ascend, Breg now manufactures every major orthopedic bracing category in its own facilities, including upper and lower extremity braces, walker boots and cold therapy devices. Breg has full control over quality assurance, production, and service, according to the release.

[Source(s): Breg Inc, PR Newswire]

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