INDIBA launches OKTO, a radiofrequency equipment designed with a stable 448kHz current for treating acute and chronic pain, based on high-frequency neuromodulation of pain and metabolic stimulation of biological tissues.

“This hands-free equipment improves musculoskeletal and joint pain such as neuropathies, discopathies, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and post-traumatic injuries.”

— Remco Schmitz, INDIBA CEO

OKTO’s mechanism of action combines its enhancement of stem cell proliferation with the stimulation of neurovascular zones. It features eight active channels to allow professionals to work superficially or with full depth depending on the anatomical needs of each situation or pathology acting over the spine ganglions or over the peripheral nerve system giving an anthineuralgic and antineurithic effect, a media release from INDIBA explains.

[Source(s): INDIBA, PR Newswire]