Nevro announced the full market launch of its HFX iQ spinal cord stimulation system in the United States.

Nevro Corp., a global medical device company that is delivering solutions for the treatment of chronic pain, has now initiated the US full market launch of its HFX iQ spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system, following the completion of a successful limited market release.

“This is an exciting time in spinal cord stimulation — better waveforms, more conditions we can treat, and a massive treasure trove of patient data,” says Usman Latif, MD, MBA, a Harvard-trained interventional pain specialist who practices at the University of Kansas Medical Center. “The way forward in this field is precision medicine powered by big data and artificial intelligence. Our limitations are human in nature. 

“What if we could take all the programming experience and clinical outcomes of tens of thousands of patients across the country, including what programs worked and what didn’t, and bring the power of all that knowledge into the palm of our patient’s hand — with them 24/7, monitoring them, and offering them the best program for their exact situation with a tap on the screen. HFX iQ is the future of medicine, where expanded data holds the promise of new capabilities and improved care.”

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HFX iQ starts patients on the program most likely to provide pain relief, based on the HFX Algorithm, which was built from more than 20 million datapoints and 80,000 implanted patients. HFX iQ combines clinical inputs, such as pain relief and pain score, along with Quality of Life inputs, such as pain medication and activity level changes, to provide an individualized program setting for each patient. 

It offers both low frequency and the company’s proprietary high-frequency 10 kHz Therapy, which reportedly represents the widest range of frequencies of any SCS system on the market. The Senza high-frequency 10 kHz Therapy has been validated in both clinical and real-world outcomes and offers unique AI-driven iQ modes specifically for treating painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) and chronic back and leg pain, including non-surgical back pain (NSBP).

“We are continuing to lead the way with the first big data-backed, AI-powered SCS system that gets smarter over time, learning from patient responses to deliver personalized relief to patients,” says D. Keith Grossman, chairman, CEO, and president of Nevro. “With over 10 years of innovation and now over 100,000 patients served, Nevro brings the next big advancement to SCS therapy with HFX iQ, a system that will apply the big data we have collected over the last decade to help patients find pain relief faster, and maintain that relief over time.” 

The Senza HFX iQ system is comprised of the HFX iQ Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG), HFX Trial Stimulator, and HFX App. With a new Bluetooth-enabled IPG that is upgradeable and connects directly to the HFX App, each patient can input assessments into their smartphone and then receive programming adjustments in real time.