Enovis, an innovation-driven medical technology company, announced the commercial launch of Intelect Legend 2 and Intelect Transport 2, the latest additions to Enovis Recovery Sciences’ Chattanooga electrotherapy portfolio and the company’s extensive line of rehabilitation products. These innovative technologies will be featured at the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting, taking place February 15-17, 2024, in Boston.

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Electrotherapy is a therapeutic modality that helps to alleviate pain, prevent disuse atrophy, and increase local blood circulation. Unlike other traditional electrotherapy systems that are less intuitive and time consuming to set up, Legend 2 and Transport 2 were designed with clinical efficacy and ease of use in mind, to provide an overall improved user experience for both clinician and patient.

“Electrotherapy has been a standard of care in professional healthcare environments around the country for 75 years. As a leader in this space, Enovis Recovery Sciences is committed to providing innovative, high-quality, and safe products to meet the needs of our customers,” says Guy Guglielmino, president of Enovis Recovery Sciences. “Legend 2 and Transport 2 were designed to provide a better experience for patients, more intuitive and accurate treatment options for clinicians, and a greater ROI for clinics.”

Legend 2 and Transport 2 are both powered by VMS, a Chattanooga proprietary waveform. The design of this waveform allows for greater muscle contractions, less patient discomfort, and decreased neural fatigue. In the domain of electrical muscle stimulation, the choice of waveform plays a pivotal role in dictating therapeutic outcomes. VMS, with its unique alternating frequency pattern, offers several benefits over other traditional waveforms.

Legend 2 offers the next generation of intuitive and intelligent user interface designed with the therapist in mind. Enhancements include the ability to set up a treatment by selecting an indication rather than a technical waveform, which helps therapists set up effective treatment for their patients. Frequently used protocols can be saved and added as a shortcut to the device home screen which enables treatments to be started with two button presses, resulting in more efficient treatment for patients.

Transport 2’s lightweight, portable, durable design and improved battery powered option provide the versatility needed to treat patients and athletes in any professional environment. For ultrasound treatments, the Transport 2’s new ultrasound applicators feature improved coupling detection and monitoring, ensuring the intended energy is delivered to the patient.

To learn more about the Legend 2 and Transport 2, visit www.chattanoogarehab.com.

About Enovis

Enovis Corporation is an innovation-driven medical technology growth company dedicated to developing clinically differentiated solutions to generate measurably better patient outcomes and transform workflows. The company’s extensive range of products, services, and integrated technologies fuels active lifestyles in orthopedics and beyond. For more information about Enovis, visit www.enovis.com.

Featured image: Enovis Intelect Legend 2 and Intelect Transport 2 electrotherapy systems use Chattanooga’s proprietary variable muscle stimulation (VMS) waveform to allow physical therapists to reduce pain, increase strength, and restore mobility for patients. Photo: Enovis