Foot Levelers announces the latest version of its foot-scanning Kiosk, launching the new technology at Parker Seminars Vegas.

Originally unveiled at Parker Vegas 2017, the Foot Levelers Kiosk is a 3D foot scanning device that aims to increase public awareness and acceptance of custom-made foot orthotics as safe and effective “alternative” options like injections and surgery in the conservative treatment of a variety of conditions like low back pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and neck pain, according to Foot Levelers, headquartered in Roanoke, Va, in a media release.

Designed to compactly fit into the reception area of healthcare offices, the Foot Levelers Kiosk helps patients understand how the feet can negatively impact biomechanics, which creates pain and decreased performance. After the Kiosk captures a 3D scan of their feet, patients are presented with a Report of Findings, displaying the level of overpronation, an often-overlooked and undervalued cause of dysfunction and pain. The report educates the patient on how overpronation may be causing pain points throughout the body, including the knees, hips, low back, and even neck.

Unlike the previous Kiosk, the new version is available in four different themes the healthcare professional can choose from, depending on their type of practice. These themes include “Pain,” “Performance,” “Get Scanned,” and “Spanish.”

“Doctors told us they wanted options, so we’re proud to give them what they need to increase orthotic usage in their practice,” Foot Levelers Senior Vice President Dawn Galbraith comments in a media release. “If they are not a ‘pain’ practice, the provider now has options. If the customer has a large amount of Spanish-speaking patients, this new Kiosk gives them an option to improve patient communication as it applies to custom orthotics.”

[Source(s): Foot Levelers, PR Newswire]