Stimwave LLC has received more than $50 million in additional financing from undisclosed investors to fuel the consumer launch of its wireless, micro-technology, drug-free Stimwave neuromodulation device for the relief of chronic pain.

The Stimwave technology, developed by scientists and engineers led by Laura Tyler Perryman, Stimwave chairman and co-inventor, uses a tiny injectable microchip device that delivers small pulses of energy to electrodes near surrounding nerves, triggering a reaction that enables the brain to remap specific pain signals, thus providing pain relief, notes a media release from Pompano Beach, Fla-headquartered Stimwave LLC.

The device is a permanent, long-term implant that is fixed in place by an anchor, so it doesn’t move except with the body’s movement. It naturally stays “in line” with the body’s nerves, allowing a freedom of motion that is impossible with bulkier implanted devices, the release adds.

“The key to Stimwave pain management is the ability to allow the pain sufferer to control their pain wherever and whenever they want,” Perryman says in the release.

“Now patients are in control of how to manage their pain opioid free with wearable and wireless iOS devices, including smart phones and watches. Stimwave is mobile and truly personal, fitting seamlessly into consumer’s lifestyles—whether commuting, playing with kids, or simply relaxing at home.”

[Source(s): Stimwave LLC, Business Wire]